London Burger Kitchen: A feast for the senses (review)

London Burger Kitchen: A feast for the senses (review)

LBK, Warwick, burgers, review

LBK, Warwick, burgers, review

Warwick is a town geared up for foodies.

Whatever your culinary preference, it’s accepted that there is the widest possible choice of quality eateries on hand.

Or so I thought. Because it wasn’t until I experienced the new LBK (London Burger Kitchen) in High Street that I realised what the town had actually been missing all along.

In an already overcrowded marketplace, there was still an ‘appetite’ for a quality burger restaurant, so I’m sure this will be a good fit.

First impressions were good – an exciting vibe and bustling atmosphere greeted us. If early signs of popularity were anything to go by, this place would flourish.

Bright and breezy London underground-themed décor added a fun element to the experience – and room has even been made for a pool table at the rear of the former cavernous Ask Italian unit.

LBK, Warwick, burgers, review

But what of the menu? First of all, it’s important to remember that this place does what it says on the tin. It’s a burger restaurant, so if this isn’t your thing – or you’re counting the calories – it’s not the best choice.

But there’s no need for vegetarians in your group to feel left out, with a couple of options available.

If you are a burger – or hot dog – lover, you’re in for a treat with their range of handmade fresh burgers using locally sourced beef. For the traditionalist, the classic Double Cheese, Bacon Double Cheese and Chicken Burgers of course feature. Or there’s the more unconventional Lamb and Mint and Pork and Mac & Cheese Burgers.

I took the opportunity to try something new by ordering the delicious-sounding Pork and Apple Burger, pictured below, which was extremely tasty.

My guests’ Bacon Double Cheese Burgers were polished off with equal gusto.

LBK, Warwick, burgers, review

Our burgers were complemented by our choices of free fries – Cajun Fries, 3 Cheese Fries and Hunters Chicken Fries. There are numerous sauces and other sides to choose from as well. (The gravy alone was enough to get me back!)

Fans of a good milkshake will want to give this place a try too. With nine flavours to choose from (including Nutella, Oreo and Reese Peanut Butter Cup), these are not to be missed.

Talking of not to be missed, you may want to give the Chocolate Lovin’ Spoon Cake (pictured below) a taste test when you’re next passing. One of five desserts on the menu, it came recommended by the manager – and we could see why!

LBK, Warwick, burgers, review

I am confident LBK will quickly become a popular destination for family and friends looking for a great meal out that won’t break the bank.

And, with current special offers on their separate breakfast menu, (currently buy one, get one free) there’s never been a better time to check it out.

Visit: Home – LBK (, call 01926 770614 or email:

LBK, Warwick, burgers, review

About LBK

Joe and Natalie have been in the food and drink sector for over 30 years, as their mother and father on both sides of the family were. Joe and his family started out doing frontal catering to the general public, backstage and VIP catering alike to all major events, such as Glastonbury, Pheonix Reading, V Fest, and T in the park, Silverstone Grand Prix, Donnington Superbikes, the Chelsea Flower Show and many more, building up the company into the largest outdoor catering company in the UK.

He then ventured into the restaurant trade, training at the London Chef Academy and opening various sites in the Midlands. He then met Natalie who had her own catering company specialising in football stadiums, so they combined both companies and decided to sell up before relocating to Dubai and working in part-time consultancy roles for various catering companies.

Joe being the creative brain behind LBK, had spent part of his childhood in the USA working with his father. He always wanted to develop an American dirty burger concept so LBK began its life.

LBK is opening stores in all major cities around the UK, including Coventry in the autumn.

  • I was gifted this experience but all views are honestly held and my own.