After three decades as a journalist, there is no subject I haven’t tackled.

From human interest and case studies to campaigns and breaking news, a wealth of experience means I can confidently turn my hand to any form of article geared to all platforms, from newspapers and magazines to digital.

You can be assured I have a keen eye for an angle and exceptional communication skills and, as a former newspaper editor of four-and-a-half years, come complete with a bulging contacts book!

Thorough, accurate reporting and deadlines are second nature to me in the modern era of 24/7 headline demands by both the print and digital consumer.

My portfolio covers the whole spectrum, from investigative and campaigning journalism through to lifestyle, reviews and celebrity interviews.

I am also an multi-award-winning sub-editor and page designer adept in both QuarkPress and InDesign.

My skillset also allows me to offer a professional Public Relations service. I know how to sell a story and get it noticed as opposed to it ending up on the ‘cutting room floor.’

I also provide a professional copywriting service to help make your promotional literature and website fizz – plus we can discuss any other writing needs you may have.

Commissions will all be  competitively priced (I’ve done my homework!) and delivered to clients’ exacting standards and within the required time frame.

Do contact me for an informal and no-obligation chat to discuss your particular requirements.

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“I have always found Amanda to be approachable and responsive. An ability to quickly understand the matter in hand and always able to see an issue from both sides meant that Amanda presented stories in a balanced and measured fashion that was never bland. Amanda always acts with integrity and honesty offering challenge when it is required, combined with a lively writing style and a quick wit means that Amanda is a pleasure to work with.”

Sara AspleyChair (2015 – 2018)Stratforward Business Improvement District

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