Pub dining at home is a welcome legacy of lockdown, thanks to Peach Pubs

FOOD has been a welcome distraction for most of us throughout the pandemic.

Peach at Home, Peach PubsWhether it be experimenting more in the kitchen or indulging in extra culinary treats delivered to our door, the shift to dining at home has been seismic – whether we liked it or not.

When you discover the likes of services such as Peach at Home, there’s no reason not to like it. Just as we’re emerging from our own kitchens again as restaurants begin to open back up, the temptation for many of us is to make that long-anticipated dinner reservation with family or friends.

And that’s just what I’ve done.

But for so many, that step may not be in line with the Government’s roadmap as we’re all at different levels of the vaccination and peace of mind.

And after being introduced to Peach at Home last week, it’s easy to predict why there could well be a continued appetite for such a service.

Peach at Home box, Peach Pubs
Peach at Home box contents

The Peach at Home boxes were introduced during lockdown by Peach Pubs, with, they say, ‘the aim to deliver not just a box of ingredients, but a celebratory three-course meal combining the chef’s skills with some simple finishing at home to produce a real treat.’

It’s a concept many have tried but not always succeeded at. Peach at Home, I’m delighted to report, from our experience at least, has nailed it.

Firstly the food – well, nothing but praise here. Our Twice-Baked Godminster Cheddar Souffle with Cheese Sauce & Walnut Pesto was, quite simply exquisite. My husband and I both remarked that we’d never before tasted a souffle as light and fluffy as this.

The main course of Aubrey’s 28-Day Dry-Aged Fillet Wellington with Dauphinoise Potatoes, Creamed Spinach and Red Wine Jus melted in the mouth. This beautifully seasoned grass-fed Aubrey Allen beef has been skilfully prepared by a team of Peach Pub chefs – all ready to finish at home.

Peach at Home, Peach Pubs
Aubrey Allen British Beef Fillet Wellington.

Our nervousness about spoiling the recipe was short-lived. All we had to do was follow a set of very cstraightforward instructions for cooking times, heating on the hob, decorating and plating. Even I would struggle to mess up!

Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake Crème Fraiche & Black Cherry Compote was plated – after resting from the fridge for 10 minutes – and devoured as a finale to the feast.

Surprises in store – As special as it is, the Peach at Home box is about more than just the food.

Attention to detail and amusing touches went to make this even more akin to the authentic gastropub experience. From candle and smarties (presumably to enjoy with coffee at the end) to a Spotify playlist (via a QR code), there was even the bartender’s favourite joke thrown in to entertain us. And as a bonus – it’s actually a funny one!

Until such time as you’re ready to book a table again, Peach at Home is as close as you’ll get to pub dining in your own house. But even then, this is a fab no-fuss option for dinner parties or family celebrations in the weeks or months ahead.

While it’s taking a temporary pause, such is the success of the Peach at Home boxes, they are soon to return for weekend diners across the country with a new selection of seasonal summer recipes – and the good news is, the Beef Wellington is still included!

A spokesperson for Peach at Home said: “This past year has been really tough for everyone, so we hope this box of the good stuff will help them relax, indulge and enjoy an evening ‘in in’! It’s wonderful that pubs are open again and that so many of our guests are coming ‘out out;’ but when you can’t get a babysitter, prefer to entertain at home or would like to send friends or family anywhere in the country a special treat, we are delighted to be able to deliver a little taste of the pub to your kitchens.”

Peach at Home, Peach Pubs
A Spotify playlist and other finishing touches helped create a memorable experience.

While we all welcome the next stage of the roadmap, there are some legacies of lockdown we will all happily continue to embrace. This, for me, is one of them.


For those who can’t wait to get back to the pub, Peach Pubs’ independent group of gastropubs includes The Rose and Crown in Warwick, The One Elm in Stratford and The Almanack in Kenilworth.

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