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IF, like our family, you like to live life in the fast lane – but only if the fast lane is around the corner(!) you’re now in luck.

 A new premier outdoor karting track has just opened in Warwick – and it’s fuelling a lot of excitement.

 My sons were quick to volunteer to be among the first to take the karts for a spin, at Adventure Sports – a 100-acre outdoor activity centre off Wedgenock Lane.

While they’re both experienced in go-kart circuits, these 400cc Biz Le Mans karts represented a different proposition when putting the pedal to the metal. These mean machines crank up the thrill factor from most of the indoor circuits they’ve already experienced.

Adventure Sports, go-karting

The one-hour Have a Go package they signed up for was divided into two sessions where drivers competed against the clock and compared their times.

But you soon learn that bragging rights are not necessarily earned through the throttle alone. Handling technique and intelligent driving play a huge part in getting the most from those beefy engines – as my eldest son discovered when his hot-headed pursuit for speed resulted in some undesired results. Let’s just say he took the phrase ‘taking the kart for a spin’ quite literally!

It’s because they’re serious machines that you have to be over 14 to get behind the wheel. (The heavy karts demand a certain amount of strength to handle) But younger siblings with a need for speed don’t have to miss out as there’s also a fleet of 200c Biz Junior Karts with full safety cages and harnesses suitable for 10 plus. These are a great option for parties that include children and adults.

Adventure Sports, karting

The compact circuit itself is riddled with sharp bends so it’s challenging in that respect -although I suspect many parents, like me, will view the lack of straights as a good excuse to keep the speeds in a certain amount of check!

But driver welfare is at the forefront and no-one’s allowed near the track until they’ve watched a safety video. It’s also reassuring to know that, while they are in control of their karts, the engines can be slowed or killed at any time by a marshal with a nice big override button! (As was the case when said son lost control on two bends.)

Alternative packages include Grand Prix – open to groups of between eight and 36 people racing against each other – and Endurance Karting – team racing for corporate groups of between 12 and 72 people.

Prices are reasonable too. You can expect to pay between £24 and £40 per kart depending on your chosen activity.

Adventure Sports, karting

The impressive new circuit is the latest addition to the activity centre, which also includes quad trekking, hovercraft, 4×4 driving, rally karts, powerturn karts, reverse steer jeeps, archery,clay pigeon shooting, segways, paintball, pistol and target gallery and even axe throwing!

My sons had a brilliant time on their first visit to Adventure Sport’s new karting track – and are already gearing themselves up for a return.

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