Locked and loaded: Young entrepreneurs have a keen ‘ear’ for business!

Locket Down Jewellery owners Sara and Cherry

WAS there ever a better tale of adapting your circumstances to a pandemic than a business that has even named itself after it!

Locket Down Jewellery was born out of lockdown and is the passion project-come-enterprise of two best friends from Bath.

Sara and Cherry design and make unique ceramic jewellery that is quirky and different to most of what’s already out there, so perfect gift inspiration for a friend, relative or even yourself!

And with both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day on the horizon, it could be the perfect opportunity to support another new small business on its journey to growth.

After Cherry was furloughed from her catering job and Sara spent three months shielding, the pair sought solace in a hobby around their love of jewellery.

Cherry said: “What started out as a hobby soon turned into a passion and all we could talk about was new designs and techniques. We pour our heart and soul into every pair of earrings! After sharing all we could with our friends and families, we decided it was time to share it with the world, so Locket Down Jewellery was born. We are, possibly, the crazy girls who decided to start a small business in a pandemic!”

“There have been some lows, there have been moments where quitting seems like a great idea, in fact where it has seemed like the only option, but whenever these moments arise something happens, not always significant, but always positive! I’m not sure I believe in fate but something is definitely on our side, telling us to carry on, pushing us forward and giving us the drive to succeed.”

It’s an inspiring message that I hope will see them drive their business to the success they deserve. Check out their Etsy shop here:


Locket Down Jewellery

I fell in love with the girls’ designs and am now the proud owner of two pairs of Locket Down Jewellery originals!

These bright and breezy styles can’t fail to brighten up any lockdown day and are flexible in that they can equally complement both smart and casual forms of dress.

Locket Down Jewellery

They feel like excellent quality and I look forward to being able to show them off properly to friends as soon as I’m allowed.

In the meantime, Zoom meetings will seem that little bit cheerier thanks to my new Locket Down friends Cherry and Sara.

Here’s wishing them the very best of luck in locking down an entrepreneurial success story for 2021.

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