Exciting new attraction in our neck of the woods!

MONKEY business is proving to be big business for Go Ape who have unveiled the latest of their new tree-top attractions in our ‘neck of the woods,’ bringing the excitement closer to home.

And, for my two experienced young adventurers, it was time to swing into action and put Coventry’s brand new course to the ultimate test.

Go Ape
Daniel and James Chalmers prepare to ‘Go Ape.’

Set in 500 acres of historic woodlands at Coombe Abbey Country Park, there is no shortage of excitement – but also with a choice of courses for different thrill levels.

My sons, aged 18 and 14, took part in the Tree Top Challenge which is open to all experience levels (over 1.4 metres). But this doesn’t mean it’s a pushover for the more confident adventurers as there’s a mix of crossings cleverly designed to test everyone’s limits.

So if you’re supervising someone younger, you’re not restricted to following in all their footsteps as the crossings do split off in various places offering different challenge levels while reuniting at the other end.

And, despite traversing a few of Go Ape’s 35 courses over the years, the boys were delighted by Coombe’s refreshingly new elements, such as Plummet – a vertical drop from a 12-metre-high platform; a dual Tarzan swing and the exclusive Alpine zip-to-zip – a series of zip wires. Exclusive to Coventry, this feature soon has you swinging through trees with abandon, culminating in a 200m double zip course landing.


The zip to zip provides a thrilling finale to a course that, in my opinion, helps Coombe stand out from the others we’ve experienced.

It only opened to the public earlier this month and on our visit there was evidence of work still being finished (not the course itself don’t worry!)

Look out for news of what’s still to come – The Tree Top Adventure (for all ages over 1 metre) and Tree Top Adventure + (for six plus and over 1.2 metres). Sessions for these are available to book from May 4th and both courses last for one hour in duration.

But it’s the Tree Top Challenge that does what it says on the tin. For those who want to challenge themselves – and in all likeliness – try something new – this is the one for you.

And there’s currently some good deals to be had if you book ahead here. . . https://goape.co.uk/days-out/midlands/coventry

With the summer months around the corner there are few better ways to spend your free time than appreciating a bird’s eye view from the canopies of beautiful Coombe Abbey Country Park.

So swing on by, you won’t regret it.

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