Back seat drivers rule!

In part four of my series of blogs about Adventure Sports Warwick, I review Reverse Steer Driving.

THE challenge here is to steer a jeep through a sequence of coloured flags as quickly as you can. . . but did I mention there are a few modifications to both vehicle and driver just to shake things up a bit?

Reverse Steer Jeep, Adventure Sport, Warwick

The converted Kubota RTV has been specially adapted to turn in the opposite direction to your steering. Tricky enough you might say. Throw in the fact that you’re also blindfolded behind the wheel and relying on your passenger to direct you – and the results can be hilarious.

Oh, and did I mention that they are not allowed to use the words ‘left’ or ‘right’ in their instructions?!

After partnering ourselves up (I inherited the ‘non-driver’ in the family!) we devised our team strategies and each headed off for a practice lap to get to grips with the car before donning our blindfolds.

Adventure Sport, Warwick
Mother and son team.

Team work and communication are definitely the key to success in this activity – and, while it’s fun, it does command a lot of your concentration – not to mention patience – whilst trying to navigate a blind driver through coloured flags with instructions that go against all your instincts.

Each driver is tasked with steering their vehicle through a series of coloured gates – in the order of snooker balls – to score points. And yes, that does mean revisiting the red gates between the other colours too! The higher scoring the gate (akin to snooker values), the narrower the gate and the tougher the challenge.

If all this has left you horrified at the thought of the, let’s face it, myriad of things that could go wrong, fear not. There is a trained instructor with you both in the vehicle at all times taking control of the pedals. And trust me, you’ll quickly appreciate why! It’s certainly a relief, for the back seat instructor, when the brakes are deployed as the car heads at moderate speed into an embankment.

As for the driver, never has the phrase, blind faith, been more tested!

Anything can happen – and usually does – but this is all part of its appeal. It’s certainly the most unique activity on offer from the 50 at Adventure Sports and, unlike most of the others, is accessible to families because you only need to be 14 to take part.

Reverser steer jeeps, Adventure Sport, Warwick
Father and son team – and eventual winners!

It is a must-do at least once for those in search of something a bit different and I would highly recommend it as one of your three chosen options in the Mud and Mayhem package. For more on that see


This is a quirky and fun activity which is best enjoyed in large groups and would be the perfect corporate team-building exercise. But great for friends and family as well. An entertaining choice for spectators too who will find themselves laughing a lot at the participants’ expense.



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