Circolombia: Buckle yourself in and enjoy the ride (Review)

Circolombia: Buckle yourself in and enjoy the ride (Review)


Circolombia, Coventry City of Culture, Festival Garden

In case it had escaped your notice (where have you been?!) there’s a lot going on as part of City of Culture in Coventry these days.

And, for the large part, the focus is on the city’s Festival Garden currently dominated by the world’s largest spiegeltent, where a host of exciting entertainment is unfolding daily.

As you approach the stunning double-decker Queen of Flanders (the flagship venue, supported by the pint-sized Piccolo spiegeltent and the Treehouse performance space) it’s instantly apparent you’re in for a treat.

This is the epicentre of a scintillating programme of shows throughout the summer, including comedy, circus, cabaret, music and more. And it’s here that last night we were introduced to the phenomena that is. . . Circolombia.

Jaw-dropping has never a more apt description. Indeed two members of this high-energy modern circus troupe can, in one act, quite literally be seen to be hanging by their teeth!

Transporting us to the streets of Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá, this hour-long emotional rollercoaster will leave you feeling exhausted – in a good way. Whether it’s marvelling at the acrobat who is balancing a huge metal ring on his forehead while a gymnast coils herself into geometric shapes around it – or watching in awe the man hoisted by just a rope tied across the back of his neck as another performer clings to his legs – you’ll find yourself spellbound throughout.

What makes this show extra special is the intimacy of this beautiful venue. Bag yourself a front row seat if you can to really feel like part of the action. – Although, at times, one can’t help but find themselves tensing in readiness for the arrival of an errant acrobat on your lap!

Columbian carnival beats help the show to keep skipping along at high-octane pace, with some stunning vocals to enjoy into the bargain.

But it’s undoubtedly Circolombia’s nerve-jangling and mind-blowing stunts that have us mesmerized.

If you’re still carefully planning your return to the live entertainment scene post-lockdown, there couldn’t be a better place to start than this talented troupe of acrobats and contortionists who will blast those cobwebs away.


Welcome to Circolombia and Coventry City of Culture. Grab a front row seat, buckle in and enjoy the ride. . .

Tickets cost from £15 and are available from:

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