Review: Suzi Ruffell on tour

Suzi Ruffell

Suzi Ruffell enjoys what she calls in her own words, ‘a low level of fame.’ High profile enough to be recognised in the street, but not enough to remember her name.

After seeing her stand up show Snappy at Warwick Arts Centre this week, I think it’s a matter of time before that changes.

Everyone should know this comedian’s name because, quite simply, she’s brilliant and, in my view, funnier than some of the household names who continue to dominate our TV screens.

The multi-award-nominated comedian received critical acclaim with her last tour, Dance Like Everyone’s Watching which went on to be turned into an Amazon special.

And it’s easy to see why if her latest tour is anything to go by. The 37-year-old’s new show, Snappy, is about settling down (but not settling), becoming a mother (without becoming mumsy) and still worrying about everything.

Suzi Ruffell, comedian

She admits to being frank with her audiences. “I can’t help but be unbelievably honest. I only really like talking about what’s genuinely going on,” she said. “I might stretch the truth a bit, but only so much that the audience is sort of in on it.”

Her self-depricating humour is a refreshing change from those comedians who continue to take aim at the audience. No front row fears here! She draws us in with her emotional candour but every step of the way, the laughs are thick and fast.

An erudite and quick-witted likeable stand up with exquisite comedic timing – and one whose not afraid to lay it all bare. One I also hope we’ll soon be seeing more of on our screens.

But, while we’re waiting, you can catch the rest of Suzi Ruffell’s Snappy tour. She’s coming to Northampton on November 12th. See all remaining dates here.

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