Popular Warwick pub relaunches with new name paying tribute to town’s historic hero

The former Gold Cup Inn and Jambavan Restaurant is reopening as The Guy of Warwick next week
The former Gold Cup Inn and Jambavan Restaurant is reopening as The Guy of Warwick next week. Photo from Google Maps.

A popular Warwick pub is relaunching with a new name paying tribute to the town’s very own historic hero.

The Gold Cup Inn and Jambavan Restaurant has been officially renamed as The Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen, in recognition of the historic town’s own Game of Thrones-style legend of the same name, dubbed ‘England’s Forgotten Hero’.

The transformation, which will be unveiled in a special launch event on 20th March attended by a modern-day version of the knight himself, is the result of a collaboration with the Guy of Warwick Society. The group is dedicated to keeping the stories of Guy of Warwick – a 10th-century English hero who travelled the world on a series of daring adventures to impress the Earl of Warwick’s daughter Lady Felice – alive.

That task will now be helped by the relaunch of the Guy of Warwick Pub & Kitchen, which will offer a unique dining experience as well as lending its name to the town’s famous hero and dedicated in a bid to help keep his tales of bravery and adventure alive.

A special event on 20th March at the Castle Street venue, just a stone’s throw from Warwick’s famous castle, will feature a visit from Guy of Warwick himself on horseback thanks to local entertainers the Knights of Middle England who are helping bring the legend alive.

Peter Knell, secretary at the Guy of Warwick Society, said: “The Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen is a tribute to our town’s rich heritage, offering a unique experience where history and culinary excellence converge. This fantastic pub is not just serving great drinks and food, it’s fostering a deeper connection to Warwick’s unique past, and one of England’s most famous medieval heroes.

“This venture is not just a win for the business and the Guy of Warwick Society; it’s a boon for the town of Warwick promoting local history and enriching Warwick’s social fabric.”

At the relaunch, the latest addition to Warwick’s cultural and social scene will also showcase its food offering, including a range of locally sourced steaks as well as gourmet burgers and fat chips. The menu will also include seasonal salads and continue to offer authentic curries from the same chef who saw Jambavan enjoy a loyal following of customers both locally and from further afield. The top-quality food will all be washed down with a selection of drinks, including real ales, the finest lagers, and a huge range of gins.

Owner Mashuk Miah said: “The Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen will offer a high-quality dining experience delighting your palate with our carefully crafted menu combining locally sourced steakhouse favourites and home-cooked Indian dishes. We are pleased to partner with the Guy of Warwick society, creating a unique dining atmosphere where we keep the legend of Guy alive.”

A highlight of the launch on 20th March will be an appearance from Guy of Warwick on horseback, played by Karl Ude-Martinez, a professional actor, TV presenter and expert horseman. Karl is owner of local company, The Knights of Middle England & KOME Entertainment, but has starred on the stage and screen in a range of high-profile shows, including the Merry Wives of Windsor at the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), as well as the BBC’s Keeping Up Appearances and Battlefield Britain, plus several films.

Karl said: “I’m looking forward to returning to the role of Guy of Warwick, bringing this local legend back to life and championing another great addition to the town I call home.”

The new opening is not the only place where Guy of Warwick is brought to life – there is a dedicated trail available for tourists and locals to learn all about the legendary figure while exploring the town. The Guy of Warwick trail takes visitors on a tour of Warwick town centre, accompanied by an audio story of his life.

The trail, which can be downloaded through the society’s website, is also available in paper format from the Tourist Office in Warwick. It provides a map of nine locations in the town where QR codes are depicted on posters in the windows of shops and businesses. Visitors are encouraged to visit each one in turn, learning interesting historical facts and hearing the hero himself explain his life and adventures.

The Guy of Warwick statue in Cliffe Hill, Warwick. Photograph by Tony Talliss. Warwickshire County Record Office

About Guy of Warwick

 The story of Guy of Warwick – dubbed ‘England’s Forgotten Hero’ – dates back to the 10th Century when he was a page at the court of the Earl of Warwick.

He fell in love with the Earl’s daughter Felice but was rejected for being too low-born to win her hand, prompting him to set out on a series of heroic tasks. These included freeing the land from the terror of the Dun Cow – a monstrous beast whose name is immortalised in Warwickshire place names including Stretton-on-Dunsmore and Dunchurch – as well as taking on a giant boar that was terrorising Coventry.

Those tasks weren’t enough, so Guy of Warwick travelled around Europe proving himself as a knight before returning to marry Felice. Full of remorse for his past violence, he later left his wife to travel to Jerusalem as a pilgrim before returning to England to help fight the invading Danes, taking on their champion Colbrond in an epic Games of Thrones-esque battle – and going down in history as one of the greatest warriors England has ever seen.

Still disguised as a pilgrim, Guy joined a group of poor men being fed at the castle gate, where Felice didn’t recognise him. He later fell ill and spent his final days in a hermitage at nearby Guy’s Cliffe. Knowing he was near the end, he sent for Felice and the couple were reunited as Guy lay dying. Distraught at his death, Felice committed suicide by jumping from Guy’s Cliffe, where the couple are now said to be buried side by side.

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