More fun than you can ‘throw’ a stick at!

IN part two of my series of blogs about Adventure Sports Warwick, I review axe-throwing. . .

AS a mum of teenage sons I’ve not come across many sports and activities they haven’t at some time dabbled in – that is until recently.

‘Why don’t we go and throw some axes?’ one of them enthusiastically declared a few weeks ago.

Axe-throwing, Adventure Sports Warwick

Normally this request might have me worried if it weren’t for my familiarity with the nearby outdoor activity centre, Adventure Sports.

And it’s the only place in Warwickshire to offer axe-throwing – an activity incidentally that is rapidly growing in popularity.

How hard can it be? – I reasoned, with, if I’m honest, a slight sense of nervous anticipation. Well, who wouldn’t be nervous by the prospect of standing amidst flying axes hurled about by their over-zealous offspring? (Could this be an opportunity to put an end to mum’s nagging that’s just too good to resist?)

It was soon apparent that my concerns were misplaced. The session is extremely safe and well managed by the Adventure Sports team, who put us at our ease with their affable and reassuring manner. Everyone took on board the short safety talk and was then introduced to the session with a lesson on the basic techniques required to get the axe to hit and stick into the wooden roundel target.

Adventure Sports Warwick, axe-throwing

Lightweight 10-inch metal training axes called Angels are used while we perfect our throws from a distance of around three metres, before we’re then let loose on the larger Tomahawk axes. These are heavier and require more technique, although, for me, I found the axes easier to handle and are the ones I enjoyed more, (if limited!) success with.

The 60-minute session is suitable for groups of between two and 24 people aged over 10. – Yes, I was surprised to learn of such a low age limit too! But once you’ve experienced it, you soon realise how safe and accessible it is for all. As I was told by our instructor at the start of the session: “All you’ve got to be able to do is throw!”

And he’s right, of course. Trouble is, while throwing is the easy bit, turns out getting it to successfully stick into the target, not so much so – for me at least!

But we weren’t just left to it. We’re under constant supervision and instruction so are able to improve our methods – and our hit rate – fairly quickly.

Adventure Sports, Warwick

And there are some fun competitions thrown in as well, further motivating those us with a more competitive streak! (Not naming any names!)

I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable – and fascinating – experience and another ‘first’ ticked off the family’s adventures bucket list.

Interesting isn’t it, how, in today’s world of technology, gaming, artificial intelligence and so forth, we still find entertainment in an ancient skill once practiced in the Middle Ages! Go figure.

Axe-throwing as a coordinated activity is actually nothing to be worried about at all. It is a lot of fun for any size of group. Not as simple as it might look. . . but then where would be the challenge in that?

Further details on axe-throwing sessions as well as 50 other outdoor adventure activities can be found at. . .

Adventure Sports Warwick, axe-throwing


All participants must be at least 10 years old and at least 147cm (58 inches) tall.

The activity is not suitable for anyone who has an existing medical condition that could be aggravated by the throwing action.

I can see why this is particularly popular with Stag and Hen parties as well as corporate groups. But great fun for friends and family groups too.


Prices from £25 per person per session depending on the number of people in the party.



Look out for more blogs over the coming weeks and months – as well as the chance to win a £50 voucher to spend on an activity of your choice.

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