More fun than you can shake – or throw – a stick at!

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LET battle commence – a new concept in leisure and entertainment has arrived in Coventry.

The city has become home to the latest in the UK’s only Battle Bar franchise – a venue that combines a premium bar, food offering and competitive games – the likes of which you won’t have seen all under one roof before.

From American Pool and Electronic Beer Pong to Shuffleboard and Augmented Reality Darts, there’s also the chance to take in a round of so-called ’Crazier Golf’ (more on this later) and even. . . a spot of axe-throwing!

If, like me, you’re instantly horrified by the concept of axes and alcohol co-existing in the same space, fear not. The axe-throwing lanes are segregated and only available to those not ‘under the influence.’ An hour’s hire includes personal supervision and instruction. – Not that this helped my technique much! Turns out, chucking axes into a target is not in my skillset. It’s harder than it looks.

Great fun though – and where else can you partake in some indoor axe-throwing as part of a night out with friends and family? Great pre-curser to a hen or stag night or ice-breaker on a works night out.

My personal favourite of the activities was the shuffleboard table – as deceptively tricky as it is competitive.

The great concept of Battle Bar is also its fresh take on traditional games, including the ‘Crazier’ Golf course which delivers what it says on the tin. This short set of compact and quirky holes will test even the most experienced of mini-golfers (I include myself in that). Or maybe it’s so named as it has the potential to drive you crazy? Either way, it’s a ‘hole’ lot of fun. (Pun very much intended!)

And forget any notion of darts as you know it. Battle Bar’s Augmented Reality version adds a new dimension to your game through a series of new dart-based team games. All the fun and none of the mental arithmetic!

Battle Bar is undoubtedly an exciting new offering for families and friendship groups but, I sense, is set to be a particular favourite among the university students upon their return, especially as it’s over 18s only after 7pm when, no doubt, the venue will really come into its own.

Every activity is available to hire, in most cases, by the hour, but those who just want to enjoy a cocktail – or two – from the menu and soak up the vibe, are also welcome.

It’s not a destination of choice for diners however – but in fairness, nor does it profess to be. It’s an extremely limited menu offering here (if chicken wings aren’t your thing you’ll be left wanting) but was always designed more as a complement to the fun – because that’s what Battle Bar is predominantly all about – competitive fun with a capital F!

There are clearly a couple of early minor technical hitches that needed smoothing out, including one of the golf holes being out of action when we visited, but Coventry is lucky to have Boom Battle Bar – one of just a handful in the country. And in these uncertain times for the hospitality and leisure industries, it is particularly great to see it open its doors in Broadgate this month.

Why not check it out in the New Year? The perfect way to go into good-natured battle with your family and friends – and still come out laughing. (Well, I certainly hope so!)


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