Choir of Man strikes perfect chord (Review)

Coventry’s pop-up Assembly Festival Garden venue is the gift that keeps on giving as part of the UK City of Culture programme.

And one of the bill’s real highlights is The Choir of Man, which makes its debut in England after international acclaim – acclaim, by the way, that’s well deserved.

Choir of Man, Assembly Festival Garden, Coventry City of Culture

Cue 60 minutes of unadulterated entertainment combining high-energy dance, foot stomping choreography and incredible vocal talent from a nine-strong crew of, self-described ‘ordinary guys.’

But there’s absolutely nothing ordinary about this experience.

The Queen of Flanders spiegeltent is the perfect intimate setting for this contemporary and immersive show that is set up as a traditional pub with the audience very much at its heart.

On entering the magnificent tent, you are invited to (quite literally) drink in the pub party atmosphere – on stage there’s a real working bar from which the cast serve pints of lager to the audience! We immediately know this is going to be a unique and memorable theatrical experience – and it didn’t disappoint.

But don’t be fooled by the frivolity of the setting. There is an abundance of musical talent on display. I was left in awe at some of the best vocal and instrumental performances I’ve witnessed in some time. (And not just because of the pandemic!)

Performing everything from sing-along classics and rock to folk, choral and even acapella, this is a whirlwind of a show which has everyone on their feet – and there’s a cheeky sprinkling of comedy throughout.

The Choir of Man is the perfect tonic after the past 18 months. What better way to celebrate the return of live theatre than this? Make this pub your new ‘local’ while you can because last orders are being called on September 19th.

Choir of Man, Assembly Festival Garden, Coventry City of Culture

A simply joyous and uplifting show for all ages and exactly what we all needed. So a hearty ‘cheers’ to that!

If you book just one ticket the rest of this summer – make it this one! Visit:

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