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THERE are few people we come across in our lives who genuinely inspire us.

Moores of Warwick
Martin and Lorraine Moore

I have been lucky enough to meet two this week by the names of Martin and Lorraine Moore, a married couple from Warwick who are celebrating the long-awaited launch of their new business.

And that in itself is reason enough to earn my respect. Building a business from scratch and making it a success are challenges enough for anyone. But when you are also staring down the barrel of a proverbial gun while you’re doing it – in the form of a cancer diagnosis – it takes entrepreneurial commitment and achievement to a whole new level.

Where I think it’s fair to say, most of us would mothball our business ambitions for the future to concentrate on our present health battles, Martin Moore took the opposite view. In fact, receiving the news that he had just months to live proved no barrier to his ambitions!

Trial immunotherapy treatment has stunted the growth of his tumour such that he’s been spurred on to follow his dream – and this month marked a magical moment for the husband and wife team as they celebrated the doors opening on Moores of Warwick Gin Distillery and Gin School.

Martin Moore

In 2011, after spotting a mole on his back, Martin, 59, was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma.

Despite six months of surgery, four years later the couple received the news they had dreaded – the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes.

Unable to treat the condition with chemotherapy, Martin was signed up for an immunotherapy drugs trial.

But the diagnosis marked a significant turning point for the couple who decided to take the leap – together.

Believed to be Warwick’s first gin distillery, Moores of Warwick makes small-batch hand-crafted gin using a selection of 12 botanicals, including honeysuckle, the flower emblem of Warwickshire and known as Shakespeare’s Woodbine.

It was around 12 years ago when Lorraine was first introduced to the drink by Weightwatchers as a lower-calorie alternative to wine. She soon converted Martin and the couple’s love affair with gin began.

But passion soon turned to ambition and today they operate out of a unit at Hatton Shopping Village where their gin school is also already proving popular.

Groups are invited to hear a short presentation on the history of gin before concocting their own unique recipe using the mini stills, then bottle it and add a personalised label, all while enjoying some G and Ts. Records of each unique blend are also kept so re-orders can be made.

What a wonderful idea – and one I know will be well received around here!

You don’t necessarily have to be an ardent gin drinker to appreciate their efforts. Lorraine told me she finds nothing more rewarding than passing on her passion – and knowledge – of the brand to customers who love concocting their own recipes and taking them away at the end. What’s not to love?!

Far from slowing down, Martin already has his sights firmly set on growing the business and there are – rather exciting – plans afoot for a Moores Vodka and a Moores Rum as well. Watch this space for more on that!

Moores of Warwick Gin Distillery
Martin and Lorraine Moore next to their main 100-litre still, Nellie – named after the elephant in the room (Martin’s cancer.)

Meeting the couple – and hearing all about their story – it’s easy to see where their motivation lies. And their infectious enthusiasm for their product will, I have no doubt, inspire theirs – and others’ – success.

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